What you will learn at this NLP Communication Skills Course

If you feel that there is no communication at your workplace, you might find it extremely helpful to learn how to communicate effectively. Workshop participants will practice interpersonal and intra-personal communication skill with each other in this full-day training course.

Furthermore, we will address a variety of working related situations where your communication didn’t work and find specific solutions for your communication problems. Most of all, you will be introduced to your communication style and how to monetize your newly acquired language skills.

In addition, we will teach you to run meetings efficiently with all your hidden resources that you already have and never utilized. NLP language patterns are introduced at this course for you to run your meetings with minimal resistance and maximum efficiency.

The Meaning of Your Communication is the Response You Get

Almost all business owners, executives, and managers are running into communication problems where they are not satisfied with the results they get. Because you will learn how to say and what to say to your colleagues and co-workers, your productivity will go up. Consequently, your stress will go down.

As a result, you will be recognized as an empathetic leader. Furthermore, when you run into minor and/or major communication issues at work, and you want to handle them elegantly,  then this workshop will be especially beneficial for you. Learn the ‘finesse’ of NLP communication styles and get the response you want.

Perception Principles

  • How we process information
  • How to utilize our perception
  • Who to blame
  • The Monkey Business Illusion

Preparation for Exercises

  • Why to Observe Other People
  • Why do you need to achieve instant Rapport
  • Your Representational System Preference Test

Workshop Exercises

  • Practicing Rapport
  • Talk to people according to their Representational System Preference
  • Practicing with different Rep Systems

Skills Building

  • Recovering information source, causes and effects of outcomes
  • How to sell an idea to someone
  • The conscious use of language
  • The Meeting Format

Workshop Exercises

  • Asking questions effectively
  • Practicing sales communication
  • Utilizing the ‘Agreement Frame”
  • Utilizing the ‘Purpose Frame’
  • Using words that create positive internal representations

Effective Communication Skills

Dealing with difficult situation is not foreign to any of us. This workshop is designed to spend most of the time on practicing effective communication. We will discuss why these communication patterns are working and how to utilize them in a safe workshop environment.

The learning and practice of these processes incorporate a sizable amount of our successful everyday communication. You will be able to revisit and learn more NLP communication techniques in further training and seminars with Anita Saldana.

Communication Skills Workshop $125
Only 16 Seats Available

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No more poor communication. Get your skills working for you!

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