Life Coaching, Hypnosis, and NLP are alternatives to traditional psychoanalysis. These techniques are excellent alternatives if you have difficulties letting go of your past traumatic experiences or have unbearable emotional pain. Experience a safe and comfortable environment in my office to re-program your mind to enjoy everyday life again. Solve your Unconscious Mind’s problems with the powerful techniques of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis.

Surviving and thriving after my life was shattered entirely made me determined to share the skills I have learned. I overcame trauma, stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and PTSD after my husband’s suicide and my subsequent financial and emotional collapse. I believe consistent self-care and continuous assessment of our emotional health leads to a long-lasting, passionate career and life with an emotionally stable mind for ourselves and our families.

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Releasing Past Negative Experiences

Experience the easy way to stress reduction with Hypnosis and NLP. When you feel depressed, angry, guilty, and hurt about a past traumatic event, you hold your emotions at bay with your sheer will. 

You are consciously trying to keep everything in the past and leaving your Unconscious Mind filled with unresolved issues. Mental and emotional exhaustion is inevitable.

Pretending that we have an Unconscious Mind and that we know its functions by practicing simple linguistic tools, we can communicate with it. The techniques reach the deepest part of the Unconscious Mind. Ancient civilizations and modern philosophers talk about the existence of our mysterious unconscious mind, and there must be something to it.

All learning and “un-learning” are unconscious. Once you agree between your two minds, you have less conflict and become kind to yourself again. Solve your Unconscious Mind’s problems with these powerful techniques, learn to become calm and decisive, and move forward in life quickly. Find out more about Time Line Therapy™.

Hypnosis Works on the Unconscious Level

I use Time Line Therapy™ techniques to eliminate negative emotions from your past. This technique uses active imagination; any form of imagination is a form of hypnosis, and your mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined.

It is fast and permanent, and I don’t work with your memories. We will identify and release your negative emotions by keeping your sessions simple. 

Hypnosis guarantees permanent success after you let go of all past negative emotions and limiting beliefs. You will learn several NLP tools and techniques, such as Boundary Setting, Risk Management, Behavior Strategies, and Mental Rehearsal, along with Visualization Techniques, Short Midday Meditation, and Pendulum Paradigm, to keep you sharp and in rapport with your Unconscious Mind. 

You can start your healing process with a complimentary 30-minute call at 702-506-5300. I will explain how I work and how the results will appear in your life. Access my calendar now to schedule your Initial Call

Life Coaching

Experience Time Line Therapy™  NLP and Hypnosis Life Coaching Sessions with Anita Saldana. Whether you need to get rid of your past trauma, a drastic stress reduction, a confidence boost, or you are stuck, life coaching might be the best complementary approach to gaining your everyday life back. My coaching system is based on the premise that you are not broken; you are only using the wrong strategies in your head, and therefore, you need to be aware of those to change them. Once you are familiar with and self-conscious about your decisions, your life situations will make complete sense.

I never be able to thank you enough for your guidance. You have become a true friend for always and forever! Thank you very much!
Piljo Park, South Korea
Thank you so much for your coaching and guidance. I can’t thank you enough for your amazing help, my life is so much brighter!
Taeko Ikehata, Canada
I can’t find the words strong enough to tell you how happy and thankful I am to have met you. You are truly amazing!
Alex Bering, MA