This is your Private Client Console Login. Record the progress of your coaching therapy, fill out your forms and communicate with me. Save your login on your mobile device and desktop computer too. Every journey, whether great or small, is worth documenting. Your private client console will be your measure of how well you are doing.

Results cannot be measured by your feelings. In our 3-dimentional world we must have objective measurements with our objective minds. How you are now and where you will be in 2 months from now can be easily measured through your Private Client Console.

I am looking forward to your success!

Your Coach,
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Trauma Release and Coaching Therapy

Working with me privately in person or online is easiear than you think. If you are still undecided about my coaching practices please visit the Coaching Process page. Scoup up some courage inside you and give me a call today. I will give you the best advise based on your current situation. Regardless of your decision to work with me or not, I will make you feel comfortable and I will listen to you attentively. Call me today to become my coaching client.