After your Initial Consultation,
Find your path to recovery from your problem

Your next step is The Pathfinder Session. An in depth exploration of your presenting problem. This 2-hour session establishes the baseline for your interventions. Takes your problem into peieces and provides an action plan for your coaching.

 During The Pathfinder Session we will focus on two main areas:

  • First, How you have created your presenting problem with your conscious and unconscious behavior.
  • Second, we will discover the blueprint of your decision making process. How you do anything is how you do everyting. Including your problem.
  • Finally, we creat a plan for your coaching

As a result of uncovering the structure of your problem, discovering your strategy for it and having a plan to recover may provide enough awareness and allow you to take action.  By taking action removes negative emotions and get you out of beign stuck with your problem

In completion of The Pathfinder, we determine whether it is the right time for you to take the journey and whether your problem is compliant with my scope of practice. You will be safe in a very comfortable environment.