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First, relationship alignment with partners requires a mutual agreement. Why would we want to engage in a deep conversation about the partner’s values if one of the partners or both believe the relationship cannot be saved and it is not worth saving. You might have the end of your pursuit at the beginning.
“Is this relationship worth saving?”
After your mutual affirmative agreement, we start with listing problems on both sides. Practicing patience and acceptance as your partner speaks is essential to your success.

You will soon realize that both of you are right. What matters during these sessions of relationship alignment is recognizing how different we think. Also, how different our communication style is.


Values are our second most unconscious filter driving our behavior in relationships. Our next step is to find out what is important to both of you in a relationship. Becoming aware of what is driving you in a relationship will bring up past negative emotions from your past.

Not only negative emotions are going to surface but limiting beliefs also. These are running deep on the unconscious level, below your awareness.

Realizing how different we think and act based on our past programming, the heated arguments will cool down. Compassion and acceptance will put both parties at ease. Notice, there is no implication that one of you is wrong and the other is right. Both of you are right, just not right for each other.

“Life is not about being right, you are always right. It is about being happy, healthy and wealthy. It is always one or the other. You choose!”


Approaching your relationship alignment with your emotional release achieves two goals. First, you will feel whole and free from your past negative experiences. Knowing how valuable and unique you are will boost your self-confidence and self-love. Second, you will be a healthy and compassionate partner.

In any partnership with relationship alignment, my main goal with coaching is to achieve 1+1=3. You are whole, your partner is whole, and you have a relationship together as a whole. Aligning your relationship in this manner will set you free in your relationship. Not needing but wanting a partner is liberating.

Putting disciplines onto yourself will liberate you from any type of control in a relationship. The control is coming from you and not from your partner. You do things for your partner because you want to. Not because you were told to do so. You will experience the most freedom you have ever had in a relationship.


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