What you will learn at the International Magnified Healing® Workshop

The learning and practice of Magnified Healing® incorporate using sacred geometries, breathing techniques and precisely defined positive affirmations for ALL aspects of healing. This is a full 2-day workshop (total of 14 hours of teaching).

Who is the Magnified Healing® Workshop For

Yoga practitioners, Yoga teachers, Holistic Business Owners, Energy workers, Shamans, Reiki practitioners, Kundalini practitioners, NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™ practitioners. If you know your positive energy needs to be guided and nourished and you want to step into your power and hold the Light.

If you are a holistic business owner or business executive and you want to fill the missing ‘energetic’ part of your business. You are open to practicing mindfulness in your business and want to know scientific facts and research-based quantum tools. This workshop is for you.

If you are a gentle soul looking for answers in the energetic realm, this workshop is for you too.

Meditation of Empowerment

  • Acknowledgment of the Threefold Flame and Higher Self


  • Alignment of Spiritual Centers
  • Clearing of the Light Channel
  • Co-creating the energy of Magnified Healing®

Healing Self and Others

  • Healing of Self
  • Healing of Others
  • Balancing of Karma
  • Preparation for Ascension
  • Absent Healing
  • Healing of the Earth


  • Receiving your Flower Essence
  • Receiving your Magnified Healing® Designation Certificate

Prerequisites for the Magnified Healing® International Workshop

This is a full 2-day workshop (total of 14 hours of teaching). The learning and practice of Magnified Healing® incorporates using sacred geometries, breathing techniques, and precisely defined positive affirmations for all aspects of healing.

Prerequisites:  A knowledge and understanding of basic metaphysical terms such as karma, spiritual centers (chakras), Hierarchy, Threefold Flame, Violet Fire, and Ascension.  The Internet and spiritual books are excellent resources to learn about these concepts.

Since, all teaching materials are ordered directly through the Magnified Healing® office in Florida, USA. After graduating, you will be ordering all your teaching material directly through the Magnified Healing® offices in Florida, USA, or from the Magnified Healing® representative in your country.

Other healing or vibrational modalities such as Reiki, Light Touch, and other energy healing modalities are not prerequisites for learning the Magnified Healing teachings.

Since this is an internationally accepted designation training, the manual given at your workshop is available in 14 languages:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Finnish, Turkish, Chinese, Farsi and Hindi.

Magnified Healing® Las VegasMagnified Healing® Evolves Constantly

Every time one of the manuals is reprinted, it is also revised.  The latest edition of the English version of the 1st Phase manual is Tenth Edition – Seventh Printing 2011.

The official Magnified Healing® teaching manual is 85 pages and it is given to you at the beginning of your workshop.  We celebrate the end of our second day with your Initiation. An official Magnified Healing® certificate will be prepared and signed by your teacher, and you receive one bottle of Essence and a practice CD for your daily practice.

The learning and practice of this process incorporate all aspects of healing, using sacred geometries, breathing, and affirmations, allowing you, the student to participate and then teach the process without a lengthy internship.

This workshop is on-demand. Contact me if you are interested attending a Magnified Healing® workshop.

Magnified Healing® Workshop Testimonials

Before Magnified Healing® as a business I could function and focus intellectually so I could do all my business planning. Being intellectual with my planning is extremely tiring. I didn’t feel like there was any way to front load my day to day activates with energy for the success I desired. Magnified Healing® tipped the balance in my favor. During the workshop I learned that we have all kinds of power that we have access to. That the attempt to only use the resources that we have inside ourselves is a very small way to looking at the World.  We are like an inverted iceberg and too many of us try to get around our day to day life and our businesses only using what we have inside of us. Not only we not working independently with each other as we should, we don’t work with the rest of “us”. Magnified Healing® taught me to have access to resources I have outside of my body. This important ‘energetic’ piece was missing from my business management and now it is available for me to fill the gap. After Magnified Healing® I followed my daily mindfulness ritual and what I experienced is immense clarity in my focus. Now, when it comes to events that cause massive amount of stress in my business, such as conflicts, miscommunication, and mistakes -that could really side tracked my business- I literally pour Magnified Healing® into these problem. This time when I encounter a “flu” or a “twisted ankle” in my business I simply utilize this extra dimension of power and pour Magnified Healing® into it. It is not just that the “ankle” feels better, but the entire “body” of the business heals. Pouring Magnified Healing® into business meetings, corporate trainings even into a places in time, keeps me energized and focused with eu-stress, an exciting stress about growth, health and wealth. I am not even tired as long as I take care of my physical, mental, emotional needs. I am not getting ill at all, even doing activities that are very “acidic” and causes oxidative stress. As a business owner, I like the flexibility how Magnified Healing® tools can be used to expand business growth into quantum dimensions. My advice for you as a business owner is to take this workshop, and quantum expand your success. Karen Kessler Toronto, ON

I took Magnified Healing® because I wanted to heal horses. During Magnified Healing® I have learned to heal myself first with one of the 3 techniques in the world taught in this workshop that activated my 5 higher bodies. Now, I am connected and I am grounded in my power because of this workshop. My advice for those thinking about attending this workshop is to this modality to transmute karma. Jaqueline Stickwood, Toronto, ON

Before Magnified Healing®, I had to remind myself every day that I was worthy. The workshop taught me how to truly connect with the Light and tap into my infinite resources available to me. Now, I use the Magnified Healing® tools daily as a ritual to ground, center and connect so I can be the best I can be. Karen Collacutt, Barrie, ON