Goddess in the Living Room

Empowering Women in the Las Vegas Valley

When I meet new people at events, what I hear is that Las Vegas is not friendly, snob, and rude. I also hear that it is all about the boobies and booties and it is a bad place for kids and there is absolutely no culture. Have you ever saw this happen?

I disagree. It is always of the eye of the beholder. I believe it can be changed. As Wayne Dyer said:

When you change how you look at things, the things you look at change.


The purpose of the “Goddess in the living room” meetings is to change these negative outlooks on this city with the support of smart and intelligent women. There is an unexplained energy on these grounds and it is perfect for building our sanctuary. Tapping into resources through our mutual collaboration will build

  • your self-worth
  • your self-confidence and
  • your self-empowerment

Let’s meet in your living room for a glass of wine and I will share 3 BELIEFS TO HAVE A HAPPY LIFE IN LAS VEGAS.

Host your first Goddess in the Living Room event. Contact me and let me know WHY you think it is a good idea to meet with your beautiful women friends.