Stress Release with Hypnosis



In these introductory videos, you will hear about my coaching method, the tools I use, and my philosophy. I will share with you what I believe in.

After you are done listening to these videos you will have all the information needed for an educated decision to start coaching with me. You will be confident signing up for my trauma release program or any other coaching packages.

I am looking forward to talking to you soon.
With Gratitude,
nlp hypnosis stress reduction

You can always contact me with your questions HERE.



  • I am a legal Complementary Healthcare Provider; I am NOT a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, M.F.T. (family therapist), or M.S.W. (social worker). Therefore, I do not accept any insurance.
  • My designations are coming from: The American Board of Hypnotherapy and The American Board of NLP.

  • There is no obligation to continue coaching with me after this call. Call me today to schedule an initial consultation. I am here to listen.



  • The length of this intake session is up to 4 hoursThis is your first in-person meeting with me if you are local or calling me on Skype. I will ask you questions about your problem and establish a baseline for your interventions
  • This session is designed to enforce the belief that you are ‘driving your bus.’ As a result of this session, you will have a massive change in how you look at your life and your problem.
  • This session in and of it self holds the possibility to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate unwanted negative emotions toward people and circumstances.
  • Looking at short and relevant video clips of current consciousness research and developments is unconsciously formulating new views on your problem. Your neurology is evolving.
  • Have a short discussion with me below about your questions and inquire about available scheduling time for you to start.



  • Your Breakthrough Session for trauma release will take on an average of  8 3-hour sessions.
  • Expect your communication skills to improve to a new level.
  • An immediate shift after each session.
  • NLP, Time Line Therapy™, and Hypnosis are unlocking lasting change.
  • There are 3 aspects to our coaching: cleaning up your past, goal setting, and teaching your mind to focus on what you want.
  • You will seamlessly transition into an enjoyable life.



  • I never record my sessions, I only take written notes.
  • No content is needed. You don’t need to tell me what happened in your past. You must, though, identify the negative emotions.
  • My coaching therapy is not a repressed memory recovery session.
  • I do not remove memories from your past.
  • You will feel negative emotions after Time Line Therapy™.
  • Your awareness of negative emotions will increase, and you will respond to events instead of reacting to them.

It is true! Famous coaches and therapists teach mental rehearsal of successful events—plenty of results from these mental activities. You will have the chance to practice this with me. Internal Representations (pictures in your head) and physiology create different states that drive our behavior through strategies. Your entire life story is about to be rewritten through these processes.


One question will always be dominant during my sessions. What would you say if you knew the solution to your problem? Brain waves are the same on the EEG (Electroencephalogram, which measures brain waves) machine, whether the object is imagined or real. Our mind makes it real. When you come up with an answer on the mental level, it is real—new neurology forms.

I have spent years developing the best way to facilitate my client’s coaching process. I specialized in releasing emotions from past traumatic events. I believe in my clients! I love what I do and am passionate about the science of consciousness.


All learning, behavior, and change are unconscious. Getting rid of our emotional baggage will happen as fast as you can use your imagination. Your imagination is the key to accessing your mysterious unconscious mind. It takes courage to pretend you are the creator of all your problems. Pretending is the only way to unchoose them.

Using mind-body tools of NLP, Hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy™ to change our mental processes to create lasting changes requires us to engage and stay engaged with our Unconscious Mind. You will be “baggage-free” after your breakthrough, staying in your power with an executable plan. Dreams do come true!

“As I sit and write this email[…]I am in a perfectly lit bar/restaurant that plays my kind of music and has huge windows that look out onto the rainy streets while yellow cabs drive by with people all around walking to their lives. It’s exactly what I wanted. I feel so unbelievably happy and grateful I get to experience my daydreams and hard work in real-time. When they talk about pinching yourself when you wake up…I know what that means now. Every morning I wake up and I’m like…damn…this is real! Thank you for helping me. I’ll always sing your praises.”