Change Behavior Easily and Effortlessly

Release Trauma From Your Past

change behavior easily and effortlesslyI was asked once after my trauma release: “Do you think that something bad must happen to change behavior?” What is something small that everyone can do to learn and move on?” I believe that people will do something about a certain situation when they have enough leverage to do so.

My answer is yes; to leave our comfort zone, there is something bad has to happen. What motivated me were my husband’s suicide and the financial breakdown that I experienced after his death. These are two very specific bad experiences that motivated me to change.

My emotional and financial lives were not that good before he died. However, it wasn’t that bad. I had to have the willingness to stop behaviors and simply change for the better. In the past four years of my coaching career, I have seen hundreds of people who were presented with the opportunity to change a specific behavior, and they followed through.

Change Behavior With Time Line Therapy™

Trauma will push people to the ground, and they get stuck. Whether we choose to learn from our devastating situations or not depends on our unconscious filters: Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes. Nobody is an exception when it comes to experiencing hardship in life. It will change your behavior and, therefore, your results. Wouldn’t it be good to have a little more control?

How we act during and after these debilitating events will decide our future. A simple evaluation of what our strengths are would give us enough fuel to push us up to a higher level of growth. Being aware of how exactly we ended up here paved our success to avoid traps in the future to recreate events. Time Line Therapy™ helps with situations like this without any content.

By learning to take responsibility for the sum of our conscious and unconscious decisions will propel us to take action and out of the ‘STUCK’ we go!

The blame game ends with awareness and self-empowerment. There is only one person who is “driving the bus.” As soon as you take the wheel and give direction to your mental procedures, you are in charge of your life. Turn lemons into lemonade!

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About the Author:

Anita Saldana is a complementary healthcare practitioner trained and certified as trainer in Time Line Therapy®, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. She was born in Hungary, lived in Germany, Malaysia. She currently lives and practices in Las Vegas, NV.